Top 10 Camtasia Studio alternatives for Windows and Mac

Camtasia Studio alternatives: Camtasia Studio has been the first choice for the user who wants to learn video editing for primary time. Video editor serves vast ranges of the user from primary level to Pro level. You could be a content creator of YouTube, TV and social media marketer to color your dominance, but for that, you need a perfect video editing software that can give the complete performance. Camtasia Studio has been the best ever video editor for primary users, but, for pro level, you need to upgrade yourself to another top class video editor that could similar to Camtasia Studio along with advanced features. Selecting the appropriate video editor in tight budgets is fruitful. Read on our reviews below that will completely guide you the suitable alternatives to Camtasia studios in cheap prices.

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1. VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad video editor

If you’re learning to edit for the primary time, then VideoPad Video Editor could be superb for you. you’ll get a decent shortcut in this program that may assist you to learn to edit terribly simply. In returning to the video editing, you’ll be able to take away unwanted video footage and apply footage too, which is too terribly easily, you’ll find a crop tool that may modify your video by cropping the height and length and you’ll be able to get background audio, take away unmanaged audio, apply text to the video, will even place photos, will blur unwanted components and you’ll get several preinstalled effects in this program, for the result that you simply just need to drag and drop. VideoPad Video Editor is the best windows 10 video editor.

2. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare filmora

This is additionally an awfully sensible video maker for pc. Filmora is a product of Wondershare Company. In it, you’ll be able to do tiny fat engineering to your video. in this software, you may get several superb tools that simply drag and drop additionally you may get numerous effects that may stabilize your video and make a filmy style also. In coming back to the video editing, with this software ready to take away the background of your video and able to place another background with none effort! In this software you’ll be able to add animated text, the volume can be increased or reduced, your video will get terribly refined trendy effects too. It is also best known for the mp4 video editor. Filmora has unique visual effects and all the tools are similar to Camtasia, and this could be best alternatives to Camtasia Studio.

3. Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas professional is a superb video maker software for pc which creates Hi-Fi special effects on a video. The size of this software is small however you’ll get outstanding outputs. I believe this is often a really smart software for YouTube videos because in this software you’ll notice all of Camtasia things and besides get plenty of various outstanding effects too and additionally, does the best job as an mp4 video editor. As such, you’ll change the background of your video, modify the video’s distinction and brightness, consistent with your work you’ll get outstanding outputs, in this, you’ll get wonderful video quality together with several formats too.

4. Blender


It has been seen most people use Blender to make the intro to the YouTube channel. It’s great software to create an intro and the best thing is that this software is freeware. This software can make a very good 2D and 3D templates. If you are working on a project and you are planning to design a template, then this software can do best for this job. With this software you will get very animated customized text effects, any object can be dipped in 3D.

5. Adobe After effect

Adobe after effect

All the world’s entire movies and entertainment videos are created by Adobe after effect. With this software, you’ll do something in an exceeding video, like Super Power effect, Visual effect, freeze time, attach objects to the wall, fire effect, motion graphics and lots of additional stuff you will do. The software is used for many 3D effects. This proves to be the foremost productive for creating movies, TV serials and advertisement. This software will add the third-party plugin, that is proving to assist in putting more quality effects on your videos. Presenting the video within the end offers outstanding outputs.

6. VSDC free video editor

VSDC free video editor

Another famous video editing software for windows and mac. VSDC has many pro tools for easy editing like never before such as capture video from desktop, burn Blu-ray discs and record audios. The program supports various formats of audios and high-end resolution videos and can convert the videos to various formats. The VSDC can put various effects even on 4K videos and also has the ability to export videos from 720p to 4K resolution. Though the software is light-weight, can give the performance of a paid professional video editing software. This is the best free professional video editing software ever for primary users and also could be the alternatives to Camtasia Studio.

7. Avidemux


Avidemux has similar many features of Camtasia Studio, there isn’t a better-looking free video editor on Windows and Mac. It includes 6 popular video formats such as AVI, MP4, Matroska, MPEG-2, H.264, H.265 and audio formats to race on the editing. The program supports various subtitle files, inserting videos and audios files on the line you can add subtitle also, that’s cool! Your project is automatically saved in your selected folder, So, the user can periodically complete the project. This is an editor you need to own, simply because it is indeed the best alternatives to Camtasia studio.

8. Lumen5


Lumen5 best in class video editing tool for social media engagement. The program has the power to turn Blog post into a video. Social media marketers who want create funny flashy videos, gifs for engagement Lumen5 is best for them. It has the functionality just drag and drop the videos, images, gifs, and text to convert into a video. The best thing is easy to use, favorable for primary users. The program makes use of all new textures as well as a host of upgraded visual effects which massively improves the overall video editor feel and could be the alternatives to Camtasia Studio.

9. CyberLink PowerDirector

Cyberlink power director

CyberLink PowerDirector is considered one of the best alternatives to Camtasia Studio for the current generation of video editor. The program supports the switch to 4K and 360-degree virtual reality footage, enhanced video export. Combine the wide range of video and audio formats with beautiful visuals effects, amazing royalty free soundtrack, you have got one of the best video editors on your hands. Even more unique tools have been added, which you can pick up to give quality output. It is considered one of the fastest video editors ever. Cyberlink has all types of similar tools to Camtasia.

10. Magix Movie edit pro Premium

Magix edit pro premium

Magix Movie offers the same simplicity that has been offered in Camtasia Studio. Let us tell you that it’s one of the first slow trackers with multicam editing and offers an immersive experience. The program has the AI ability such as motion tracking and smart toning makes easier to editing and time saver- grouping tools, effect tool and the easy way to add and edit audios and videos. The authentic tools, amazing visual graphics effect, and simplistic way to edit make it one the best alternatives to Camtasia out there in the market.

Finally, we hope you guys you have enjoyed our “suitable alternatives to Camtasia studios in cheap prices”. If you have any questions regarding the video maker for pc you, please give your valuable comment below. More, interesting articles are coming, stay in touch.

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Top 10 Android pie 9 features have been added to Samsung S9, S8, J7, J6, on6 and A8 you should know

Android 9 Pie features in Samsung S9, S8, J7, J6 and A8: Friends, Android’s latest version 9.0 has arrived in Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, J7, J6, on6 and A8. Keep reading this article so as to know the advantages of Android Pie 9.0 in Samsung flagship phones and when you will be getting its updates. It is a universal truth that every new generation is better than the previous generation and, as so, Android Pie is the best android to date as it is the leading Android OS. The company has focused on major changes of this new UI and customized more things on UI and has also arranged their shortcuts to make it easier while navigating. Android is always focused and built on the basis of the user’s point of view. Pie 9.0 is built with more powerful and better-performing apps in comparison to their last leading OS Android Oreo 8.1. Let’s take a look at the features of android Pie 9 in Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, J7, J6, on6 and A8. keep reading this article till the last end.

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1. UI changes

Android P UI Samsung phones

If you overlook, then you will not find any major changes in regard to the Oreo 8.1 Samsung TouchWiz. But a change is done and it is the main UI that has slightly been changed, the overall material design is still the same. The theme is still similar to the previous Oreo 8.1.

2. Smart battery saving

“Automatically run unused background app” had the major problem on the earlier version of Android, which lets the battery draining. Now, the company has focused on this problem, the updated Android Pie 9.0 able to close automatically the unused background apps, and Now, this can increase the battery performance.

3. Decreased booting time

The operating system is tested on the Google pixel and 50% reduction of booting time has been observed. So, if you switch it off and on, then the phone will quickly start up. But, as far booting is concerned, testing Android P booting time is still going on Samsung S9, S8, J7, J6, on6 and A8.

4.Notification on appnotification on app in Android P

Google has done a great job on its notification panel, they have improved it in the best possible way to manage the notifications. Notification over the app, as we have seen on much other custom UI, but Google is a step ahead. You will see a dot on the core, while you hold on the app, notifications will be displayed over the app. Moreover, on the notification panel, there are much more new advanced customization and shortcuts you can manage on Samsung S9, S8, J7, J6, on6 and A8 .

5. Intelligently stop unwanted background app

Google has primarily given attention to one of the major problems of Android. And it is the slowing down of your phones due to the running of apps in the background. So, Google has told that in its new update, not the user, but the phone itself will stop the unnecessary apps and more power efficient running apps in the background.

6. Split screen- Dual window

Like Windows 10, there is native split-screen functionality. Now, you can work on two apps on a single screen, that’s cool! From now, you no need to close the one app to open another. In this features, I have observed the best thing is “chat over the video” example- you are watching videos on the Youtube app and ate same time important text message has arrived, now, the dual windows come into action. Here, you send a text message over the video. This Android P feature “Chat over the video” is specially available on Samsung S9, S8, J7, J6, on6 and A8 phones.

7. New emojis design

Android P emoji in Samsung phones

Android P 9 has goodbye the old boring emojis and now introduced a new design in emojis style. The emojis have the same round shape of oreo emojis but appear in different colors. On updates newly has been added more than 157 new emoji in 3D design, also included in the Unicode 10 emoji set. Google has focused on better representation of gender, funny character, and some sci-fi.

8. Smart text selection

Android P smart selection text in Samsung Phones

Selecting the text has been problematic since the born of Android. Now, the smart text selection is doing the decent job. Now, you only one tap new window appear to manage your desire, there are tools like copy, share, web search, and the dictionary also has been added to serve your action.

9. Auto-fill password

Android P auto fill password

Another, time-saving features have been added to Android P. There was a bug on autofill in Android oreo 8. Sometimes, the Twitter app used to work well but the other app has totally rejected this function. Now. google has worked on it to sort out this problem. It has been tested on many devices and seen auto-fill one tap username- password working well. Now, you can use the autofill functionality to your favorite apps.

10. Clever auto device maintenance

Android P device maintenance

Android p completely care about your device health, it automatically cleans junk files, folder, virus, and RAM usage in schedule time that let to boost up your device performance. Now, you don’t need to install a third party app for this which contains annoying ads. The AI auto adjusts brightness and allocates memory to give best device performance. The auto device management tool increase battery life as well as increase the device performance in a smart way.

A brief look at the Pros and Cons of android P 9 in Samsung Galaxy s9, s8, j7, j6, on6 and A8

Android P Pros on Samsung Phones

1. New icons on Emojis.

2. The phone will be able to stop the unused background apps.

3. Power efficient.

4. The user can customize the system UI.

5. An increasing power up time.

6. Notification over the app, i.e. on holding, that particular app would display its current notifications without even opening the app.

7. Supports autofill saved password on an app.

8. Supports app minimization, i.e. the user can use two apps in a single window.

Android P cons on Samsung Phones
1. No transparent UI.

2. Android Pie 9 UI again comes up with a very disappointing feature like that of android Oreo 8.1, i.e. no transparent UI. Thanks to Samsung TouchWiz for cover this cons.


Android has always been giving updates in their operating system for the convenience and comfort of the users and their unending desires. Google assures that in its latest update, the android oreo phone can be boosted up 2 times. So, in the Android Pie 9 on Samsung S9, S8, J7, J6, on6 and A8 , Samsung users will experience more satisfaction with the performance of their smartphone.Many new technology related articles are coming this way, so keep your eyes open. Thanx

LG G9 has sAMOLED display along with sound emitting technology – it’s price in UK, specifications and launch date

Following close behind LG G7and G8, G9 is another impressive bezel-less smartphone. We will see a pack of LG’s refinery features introduced in the LG G9 phone. From the news, this phone will get many upgraded features from his sibling LG G7. As from UK news, the device will have a 6.2-inch 4K sAMOLED display, 1440 x 3120 pixels resolution with ~564 PPI and the display is quite large and sharp that can take multitasking in it a gratifying experience. As far as from the news, the G9 has biometric ability along with “sound emitting display technology” that would compete with leading smartphone brands. In this post, we will see the LG G9 price in the UK, specifications, and launch date.

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LG G9 specifications and performance

Processor Snapdragon 850 Soc
Internal storage 64GB/128GB
Display 6.2-inch sAMOLED with Gorilla glass protection
Camera Front 13 MP AI , Rear 13 MP dual camera with dual tone LED flash
Battery 3500 mAh
Features Fast charging, sound under display, 5G, 4G, wifi
OS Android P

Yes,  the device has made for unlimited multitasking, the robust Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Soc processor is powerful and power efficient. Despite being a powerful smartphone, the device is stylish and lightweight too. The device will launch in two different variants and their prices would be spacing to their internal storage. Their design would be full body glass finish and this will let attractive to the buyer. Though the device specifications did not confirm officially, it is pretty sure that the device will come with the robust configuration in 2019. It will be very interesting if it comes with a curved display. We could expect that we may get 5G technology in this device because the latest update says 2019 snapdragon flagship phones will have the 5G technology. So, it is pretty sure this phone will get the 5G technology. The LG G9 phone would support the “fast-charging” technology by the USB c-type.

LG G9 camera performance

LG always try to put something unique in the camera AI, the primary dual 13MP autofocus has a dual tone LED flashlight for perfect photos in the dark, the LG G9 camera can be able to take sharp photos even in the dark. The device can take a perfect wide angle selfie with his 13MP front-facing camera. The Camera has AI beautify camera, for a perfect selfie also has portrait mode too.

LG G9 gaming and sound

LG G9 display

The gaming would be very smooth and perfect and the Adreno 630 GPU will process every heavy game in it a pleasurable way without any heating issue. I must say this flagship phone will be perfect for a music lover because this device has gotten Dolby Atmos enhancement with the dual stereo speaker “under-the-display” technology and so on YouTube video streaming, watching movies would be a wonderful experience.

LG G9 price in the UK

If this comes with full body glass finish along with the curved display, then its price will be too expensive. Considering the overall specifications and design we could say that LG G9 price will touch up to $1000.

Moto X6 entering into the market in 2019, its specifications, performance and price we know so far

Motorola moto x6 is going to launch in mid of 2019. As per the news from media, the Moto X6 can get a notch display with the biometric abilities too. Rumors coming from social media, the Moto x6 can get an inbuilt projector along with JBL stereo speaker, that could compete with VIVO, OPPO notch display phones. The dual camera 13 MP autofocus with 2.0 aperture and of course, there would be a Snapdragon 835+ processor with 3, 4 GB RAM for high-speed performance. Motorola phones are always first choice buyer who want to buy the best camera phone under the tight budget. Here is everything about the moto x6 price, specifications, and launch date.

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Moto X6 specifications

Processor Snapdragon
Storage 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
Camera Dual 13MP back and 12 MP with LED flash in front
Battery 4000 mAh
Display 6-inch display with notch design
Connectivity 4G LTE, VoLTE, 3G Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0
OS Always latest Android update

Moto x6 has notch display

Motorola is trying to minimize the bezel of their upcoming moto x series phones and basically, there is no doubt about it! Motorola X6 can get an infinity-notch display. From the starting of E series, they used to provide Corning gorilla glass but after Lenovo acquiring the moto, in some budgets phones, we have not seen any gorilla glass and that had the strike on the reputation. We can expect a Corning gorilla glass 5 would protect the display of moto x6 and of course, the IP68 splash proof and dust proof would be in this phone. Moreover, it offers 19.6 ratios in a 6.0-inch display

Moto x6 has Snapdragon processors for high-speed performance

The Snapdragon 835 SOC would power up the Moto X6, the 10nm 64-bit octa-core processor has added with 4GB of RAM for boosting up the phone speed as well as battery efficient, means with 4000 mah battery would last up to 36 hrs i.e enough for a mid-range phone.

Moto X6 has a dual camera

Moto X series of Motorola camera delivers the best quality towards indoor and outdoor photos. In the upcoming Moto X6, we can expect a 13MP+13MP dual camera that has an amazing camera in moods of selfies and outdoor spaces. The low light camera would be even better from the previous X series which has the camera functionality of booke mode, dual autofocus, and moto AI.

Moto X6 has Android P OS

Motorola always does latest Android updates on Moto X series, so, we can expect the latest Android P would be there in moto x6. Moreover, its software performance would be smooth, fast, battery powered efficient along with smart app launch functionality. Motorola never compromises on the connectivity, of course, they will offer 4G LTE, Volte, 3G, 2G, Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi. Considering the upcoming 5G technology, we are expecting 5G technology would be there, definitely!

Moto X6 phone

Moto X6 price

Considering the overall tech of this phone we can expect that the price of moto x6 may touch up to 400$ and its expected launch is in the mid of 2019.


Looking at, all the specifications and performance of the upcoming Moto X6, we can expect that the phone would be attractive to the buyer and also it would compete with the 400$ phones of Samsung, Vivo, and Oppo.

Download Podcast addict for PC on Mac, Windows 10, 8.1 and 7

Podcast addict for PC: Podcast Addict is the perfect partner for Android devices. It manages every podcast in a systematic manner and delivers to you at your scheduled time. It mainly focuses on managing user’s podcasts and videos. The podcast addict best part is it is totally free of cost along with manages every podcast according to user based settings. The user gets all the variety of podcast such as the Live stream, Radio, Audiobooks, news feeds everything in one app, I think that’s why its name falls as Podcast Addict. User finds tons of topic from a single keyword search on Podcast Addict, it highlights daily trending topics from the reputable newspapers and also browses subscription-based podcast. If you are bored with small screen Android devices and want to enjoy the podcast on the big screen, then, of course, there is a solution. Today in this post I will guide you step by step guide to run Podcast addict on PC, Windows 10, 8.1, 7 And, Mac.

Podcast addict for PC: 10 important features

Podcast Addict is completely addictive App, here is the glimpse of its advanced features are given below
1. Backwordable, forwardable and pausable podcast.
2. Scheduled on your favorite podcasts.
3. Cast your podcast on the external device/speaker.
4. Support automatic downloads of new podcast episodes.
5. The inbuilt search engine helps to browse the podcasts and subscriptions.
6. Select your all favorite podcast and put into your playlist.
7. Various audio features- adjust volume and silence skipping.
8. Support offline podcast- holds your favorite podcast in your Internal/SDcard.
9. Display mode for podcasts.
10. Save mobile data- select default download mode Wifi to save you 3G/4G data.
All the features are made too shortcuts and time saver, here is the valid reason is made that everybody downloads it. But, experience podcast addict on PC big screen is a remarkable advancement.

Step by step guide – run Podcast addict on PC

You might be a fan of Podcast addict and you have enjoyed a lot but, now you want to run it on Windows/Mac PCs. In this case, you need an android emulator which can run Podcast addict on PC smoothly. First of all, we need an Android emulator; there are many Android emulators out there. But it is completely up to your decision which one you should take. Here, I have written a post on Blustacks vs Nox you can check this out. In this case, I have select Bluestacks Android emulator. Here, is the complete step by the procedure is given below to access Podcast addict on PC.

Podcast addict mac & windows

Step 1: Download Blustacks 3N from its official site and place it on your desktop.
Step 2: Double-click on the downloaded setup file, follow the software instructions to complete the installation procedure.
Step 3: Now you have installed the software, now restart your PC for its best performance on the first bootup.
Step 5: Now make Bluestacks first boot up– sign in by Gmail, and proceed by next- next process.
Step 6: Hurray! Blustacks is ready, Now download the Podcast addict apk file from a good website a place it on your desktop.
Step 7: Make a single click on the Apk file, automatically it will get installed.
Step 8: If you failed on the above procedure, don’t panic! Another process is there. Open the home screen goes to playstore and download/install the Podcast Addict. Now everything ready, enjoy!

Bluestacks 3 Vs Nox – Who is the ultimate winner?

Bluestacks 3 Vs Nox: To experience extraordinary android gaming on PC, Bluestacks 3 and Nox app player are the two widely used as an android emulator for Windows and Mac PCs. The performance of Bluestacks 3 and Nox is different in the different mode. Bluestacks 3 and Nox emulators working ability is depends upon the PCs configurations. Of course, both of these emulators work well in highly configured PCs. Peoples are got confused, which android emulator they should use in their PCs.For some of the guys who are the primary user in android emulator, this article is for you. In this post, we will focus on the strong point, speed, user needs, and performance of Blustacks 3 and Nox. Also, we will look at the, what are the major points makes different from Blustacks 3 and Nox. At the end of the article, you will be able to see the complete comparison of Blustacks vs NOX.

Bluestacks 3 Vs Nox: Ability

MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) mode offers control over the high-end graphics gameplay, our both Bluestacks and Nox has this ability. Moreover, using the mouse and keyboard during gameplay is even more interesting and easy in MOBA or RPG mode. So, both are works in a decent manner in gaming.
Nox player has done a decent job in screen recording, in Nox app player we can get an inbuilt screen recorder that can record up to 720p videos. So, you can share your recorded videos on social media. But, in Bluestacks, there is no any inbuilt screen recorder and also there no any playstore app that can support the screen recorder. To record the screen you need a third party PC screen recorder. Both of the Android emulators have an inbuilt screenshot taker. What is more, both have the ability to support joysticks to enjoy games.

Bluestacks 3

Bluestacks 3 Vs Nox: Speed

Speed and performance of an Android emulator depend upon the types and size of the apps is being run. Running background apps consumes memory, which ultimately results in crashing, lagging on launching. This leads to the dumping of apps! For this reason, we need to allocate memory and change the registry editor values, and our both emulator has this kind of ability.
Bluestacks 3 has been installing in low configuration windows PCs( Core2Duo + 2GB RAM + 1 GB storage + 32 bit OS) and also can run lightweight apps smoothly. But, Nox app player never installs in low configuration PCs and its engine got stuck on (90- 99)%. In this way, Bluestacks is the ultimate winner for a low configured PC.
Bluestacks officially list out the benchmark score of the Android emulators on the configuration of 4 cores processor, 4GB RAM, and DirectX & OpenGL Modes given the result of BlueStacks 3 score was 130762 and likewise, NOX score was 121410. This indicates Blustacks 3 is one step ahead from the NOX.

Nox player 6

Bluestacks 3 Vs Nox: Software performance

Bluestacks was launch in 2009 and can support 95% of the playstore apps where the NOX supports almost 90%. Moreover, the latest version of Bluestacks run on Android Naugat 7 based OS and the NoxPlayer 6 is based on Android Lollipop 5.0. In this manner, Bluestacks is a fast mover. The good thing is both of the software is completely free of cost but for advanced features, Bluestacks 3 has a premium version.


Looking at the all the major points we kept in this post, it seems that Bluestacks and Nox performance is best in highly configured PCs and makes different only on low configured PCs.

Moto G8 is coming with 6-inch sAMOLED display along with notch design, AI camera and long battery life

Another best in class Moto G8 is on the way to launch in mid of 2020. Motorola has made a jumbo entry in Moto G6 series. The device is basically in line with modern technology, a powerful hardware phone. Coming to the specs, the device would be powered by the Snapdragon 635, the Moto G8 features have been added with a 6.0-inch AMOLED display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 6, has a brilliant 19:9 aspect ratio. As per from the news of tech media, the Moto G8 could be two or three variant (4GB+64GB, 6GB+128GB, 3GB+32GB) and also its price may touch up to $300. The Moto G series camera AI is always made quality output; also the fast charging ability makes itself a perfect choice for a buyer. Read below to know more about the Moto G8 specifications, price and expected launch date.

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Moto G8 specifications (Expected)

Processor Snapdragon 630+
Storage 32GB/64GB/128GB
OS Latest Android OS (Android P)
Display 6-Inch sAMOLED
Connectivity 4G LTE, VoLTE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0
Battery 5000 mAh
Warranty 1 year

Moto G8 camera has an AI improved camera

Motorola never compromises in camera quality, even on tight budget phones. The indoor and outdoor camera output makes perfection. In our Moto G6 series, we have got a unique class of camera AI. As far as the cameras are concerned, in the rear, there can be the 13MP+13MP dual camera which supports Bokeh mode and along with advanced ability such as face recognition, HDR mode adjustment, burst mode, timer everything could be identical to Moto G6 series. The camera also has an AI-powered, in a bid to control the noise of the images. The 16MP front single camera is a perfect selfie shooter by f/2.0 aperture and gives marvelous selfie.

Moto G8 is powered by a Snapdragon processor

A Snapdragon 650+ (Motorola beloved SoC) clocked at more 2.5 GHz, this is coupled with an Adreno 630 GPU and also could be a 4/8 GB RAM to enhance the device. A Powerful 64-bit Snapdragon capable Octa-core CPUs capable to run 4K videos seamlessly, moreover, can record 4K videos without lagging. There is always faster streaming without lagging issue. However, its specs tell, there might be a close competition with other flagship in this range.

Moto G8 has a sAMOLED display

Its display is pretty similar to Moto g6 in appearance. Previously, Motorola did not provide any AMOLED display in their g series phones. After the launch of Moto G6, rumors spread on the internet, claiming its 6-inch display has sAMOLED. The G8 display is protected by a 2.5D Corning gorilla glass 6 and also has got splash proof and dustproof protection. There could be a big upgrade, a notch above the display just like the Vivo v9.

Moto g8 specs

Moto G8 battery support fast charging

Moto G sibling’s battery performance has been good from the beginning; we can expect a 5000mAh battery would be in Moto G8. There is a fast charging facility; however, on heavy gaming, the battery would last up to 36 hrs, this is awesome, isn’t it!


Google Pixel 4 variant Plus & XL has complete bezel free design

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has given us hint on the features of their upcoming pixel phone. From the tech media, Google pixel 4 is going to launch with two variants pixel 4 and pixel plus in 2020 with the specification of a triple camera is in the back, 5K AMOLED display along with complete bezel-less design, a powerful processor for smooth multitasking would be there. Now, Google has an advanced AI, in the IO conference they have shown the glimpse of Duplex AI, from here we can get the hint that the upcoming Google pixel 4 would be more powerful and trim look from elder brother Google Pixel 2. Google is always one step ahead of his competitors. According to the report of Forbs, Google had some code error on the Android OS project pages, Google accidentally revealed their project on pixel phones, but it is dark to us, whether they are on the project of Pixel 4 or not, it was totally unspecified. Read below everything about the specifications of upcoming Google pixel 4 phone we know so far.

Google pixel 4 variant XL & Plus specifications (expected)

Processor Snapdragon 845+
Ram 6GB and 8GB
Display 6.2 Inch Bezel-less, sAMOLED
Storage 64GB, 128GB expandable by SDcard
Network 5G, 4G LTE VoLTE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0,
OS All-time latest Android update
Camera 14MP Triple Camera back, front 12 MP camera with dual tone LED flash
Battery 4000+ mAh


1. Google Pixel 4 camera performance

The camera, yes google always rock on the camera performance. It has been seen on the review of the camera performance of Google Pixel 2 XL, I would say, it has a brilliant Camera, which is comparable to iPhone X. Let’s come to the point, day by day mobile phone technology is advancing up to the sky limit, it is assured to us, the Google pixel phone camera performance would be a unique and completely remarkable one.

2. Google Pixel 4 has Duplex AI

The Duplex AI by Google, which is the big headlines on the Google news, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has shown an interesting demo to the viewer that Duplex AI can actually make a call to saloon, doctor and for other purposes, it can fix your appointment. It could be a big advantage for us to taste this technology. Google always put their latest mobile technology in their Pixel phones, So, it would be firecrackers for us, if we can take this advantage.

Google Pixel 4 plus

3. Google Pixel has the latest Android P OS

Android P developer version currently goes on google Pixel 2 phones, I have tested this OS and found, it has got all features that everybody wants on their phone such as smart battery use, reduction in CPU app turns out up to 30 percent, do not disturb, display dimming, shortcut use of navigation gesture for quick action and many more. So, we can expect that Android P full version would be available on Google Pixel 4 phones.

4. Google Pixel 4 has brilliant hardware

Snapdragon 845 is currently in the heart of OnePlus 6, which is more faster and can able to peak 1.2 Gbps download speeds and many other advanced features, but, when we come to Pixel 4, we are sure that we can get the latest processor Snapdragon which could be Snapdragon 845 plus or its higher version. It is pretty much sure, they would focus on 5G technology.

5. Google Pixel 4 has long battery life along with other features

We have seen pixel 2 XL battery is stuck on 3520 mAh battery, I would say this is not enough battery mAh for high-end devices, we would be happy to see if they provide above 5000 mAh battery. Wireless charging which is a new technology that everybody wants on their phone because in busy with social media addicted lifestyle, no one wants to charge their phone for 2 to 3 hours, I would say Google will notice that one and bring that technology on their upcoming Google pixel 4 phones.

6. Google Pixel 4 has a brilliant camera

It is always a curiosity to all pixel lovers, how would be the camera performance of Pixel 4 XL, well, we can simply guess the camera performance would be a pocket DSLR, your all photos, videos, and documents can be stored in Google drive. A fully encrypted cloud storage will store every data securely. The twin 20MP camera would be more powerful from his elder brother, we can get the clue the from IO conference.


Looking at the all the specifications we can say Google pixel 4 and Plus would be the complete package in the flagship range.