How to be a successful blogger in India in 2019

 How to be a successful blogger in India in 2019: Online blogger is a straightforward way to earn money, but for that, you need dedication, passion, skill and of course hard work.

Most of the people start blogging with the intention of earning money, but it’s not a child’s play to conquer this job. Many people become successful while others do not. First of all, they don’t get AdSense and also do not have proper knowledge regarding SEO and SMO.

SEO, Search engine optimization

 Today, I will show you step by step, how to start blogging and that too in the correct way so that you get AdSense. Keep on reading this post till the end and follow it as it is very much appropriate for How to be a successful blogger in India 2019.

Things to know to be a successful blogger in India in 2019

Custom domain

    It’s essential to have a custom domain to make your blog accessible and to give your brand a big name.

   Godaddy is a well-known and one of the cheapest domain registrars, from where you are suggested to purchase a custom domain.

    In general, blogger provides your free domain, but with that, your brand won’t get that much popularity as expected.

 Web hosting

 If you are planning to make website/blog in WordPress then, you will require an excellent Webhosting to have an excellent server response time (within a fraction of second).

      Server response time plays a dominant role in SEO; helps to rank your website. Search engine always checks server response time to list your site.

      While you purchase hosting, always keep in mind that they will provide with an unlimited bandwidth service, and also that service plan should have the ability to regulate unlimited traffic at a time so that the website doesn’t slow down.

       Now, those people who want to make a website in Blogger, don’t need to worry much about Server Response Time, as because in blogger website Google always provides hosting and that too the fastest one, with the ability to manage unlimited traffic without making the site down.


 If you are planning to make website/blog in WordPress then, you will require an excellent Webhosting to have an excellent server response time (within a fraction of second).

      Server response time plays a dominant role in SEO; helps to rank your website. Search engine always checks server response time to list your site.

     While you purchase hosting, always keep in mind that it should provide with an unlimited bandwidth service, and also that service plan should have the ability to regulate unlimited traffic at a time so that the website doesn’t slow down.

      Now, those people who want to make a site in Blogger, don’t need to worry much about Server Response Time, as because in blogger website Google always provides hosting and that too the fastest one, with the ability to manage unlimited traffic without making the site down.

Google algorithm

       Google always keeps on changing its algorithm, which facilitates the good websites to boost up it is ranking, while it brings a hard time in the fate of the spam websites.

       In 2011, Google launched an algorithm named Panda, whose primary task was to strike out the low-quality websites, which used to do plagiarism.


     Moreover, then Google introduced more special algorithms in subsequent years. To mention:- Penguin(2012), HummingBird(2013), Pigeon (2014), Mobile (2015), Rankbrain(2015), Possum(2016).

     However, in 2017 Google came with the latest advanced algorithm Fred(2017). This algorithm takes action against those websites which provide low quality or fake information and rank their websites only for product sales and ad revenue.

      So, friends, please take this Google Algorithm for granted before you go for any website.

Search Engine Guidelines

 Before you start one Website, you must have adequate knowledge regarding Search Engines.

           There are some search engines available on the internet, but Google and Bing are the two most specified search engines that people take into consideration.

earning through blogging

          We need to focus on Google and Bing only. It would help if you made your website, following the guidelines of Search Engine; so that it gets straightforward for a search engine to index your site and also to rank the posts of your website with specific keywords.

          If you go against the terms and conditions of the search engine, then, It will give you a penalty, which is worst for your website.


If you want to give a brand name to your website then, you should have to be very hardworking. The contents of your site should be fresh and should provide useful information.

      You always check your competitor, his posts and always try to upload better and unique posts than him.

      However, you should not copy the contents of other posts, you collect the necessary information for your post and try to research more and more on this topic so that you get appropriate information.

       It’s the opinion of some bloggers that a position of about 500 words is sufficient to rank your website; yes, it might be true to some extent but not for all the cases.

       Since today’s market is a very competitive one, it is very natural to find a post of 500 words, so, basically, you should publish a post of words not less than 700 at least. Along with that, the position should be a very informative one.

Content writing

The contents of your website should be such that the readers don’t find any difficulty in reading. The writings should be easily understandable as if you are making them understand through live discussion.

       You may add visual images, videos, animation for the convenience of the readers so that they remain active in your website for longer time, and also they would interact with you more and like to revisit your site.

Blogging, content monetization

       Moreover, all these things would result in reducing the bounce rate of your site which facilitates you in the way that Search Engine assumes the content of your website is genuine and also ranks your website.

Content Monetization

    Most of the time people come with the intention of earning money in blog/website and make website/blog of their own choice.

     If you are working hard in writing your post and trying to share your knowledge and experience around the world, then it’s good to monetize your content as that is very important.

     While talking about content monetization, AdSense is the first thing that comes to mind because that’s very trustworthy. Moreover, now a day, Bing, Yahoo together make a content monetization platform which is very good.

Majority ake AdSense into consideration; if you want AdSense to monetize your content, then you have to know the policies of AdSense. If you work following the procedures of AdSense then, you will be very much benefit.

Social Promotion

Search Engine takes some time to rank your website. Though you are writing a post, unfortunately, viewers are not increasing, in that case, you are supposed to go for social promotion of your content.

       It would allow more people to interact with you on your website and simultaneously you will gain popularity and get a superb promotion.

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Top 10 best windows image viewer software for windows 10 in 2019

Best windows image viewer software for windows 10: Capturing images is always a great hobby for us. We take many pictures to cherish our beautiful memories and to keep them until the end of the time; we have an excellent opportunity to store them on a computer hard drive, so that, eventually, we can present those memories using a slideshow to our friends and family.

However, if you are running windows 10 then you can’t enjoy it that much as the ‘Photos’ app runs slow here to load an image and moreover, it doesn’t have the feature of a slideshow.

We were happy with the old windows photo viewer, but Windows 10 has replaced Windows Photo Viewer to Photos app.

However, there is some photo viewer software for Windows 10 which are free to use. Since you are here, it means, you are looking for best windows photo viewer windows 10.

Best windows image viewer software for windows 10, Windows 10 photo viewer, windows photo viewer windows 10

So, you have come to the ultimate place, to serve your purpose, so, here is the list of Top 10 best windows image viewer software for windows 10 in 2019.

What is image viewer software?

Before going to further discussion, first of all, we should know what image viewer is? , let’s start from the deep. What is image viewer software?

The “windows photo viewer windows 10” is made by coding but let’s dig from the basic. The image viewer software is a coding of a written program that uses the computer system to work according to developer need.

Without making complicated, let’s understand it easily, windows photo viewer windows 10 can open different formats of the photos from the computer.

On a technical level, image viewer software allows you to edit and customise your images, and that is why your pictures become incredible.

Benefits of using image viewer software

There are various types of image viewer software are already available on the internet. However, why Windows 10 users are taking an interest in this windows photo viewer windows 10?

Most of the windows photo viewer windows 10 offering companies are paid, while a few of them are best image viewer software for Windows 10 that is better than paid servicing software.

After reading, what are the benefits of using windows photo viewer windows 10? You will understand its basics.

So, let’s understand some special features on it.

  1. It allows users to view and manage their photos.
  2. Image editor tools can quick fix images like red-eye removal, cropping, resize, compress, adjust color etc.
  3. Makes slideshows of the image from a folder, so, the user can attract the attention of family and friends.
  4. Image viewer software gives you fast and stability of image viewing.
  5. Editing tools are higher standards for customization.
  6. Authentic lightweight, the best Image viewer software for Windows 10 gives you feature avoids problems like software launch crash or slow loading, and always makes sure to keep your images fast open.
  7. Supports number HD image formats of DSLR and digital camera, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PCX, and RAW files.

With these many advanced features, we have selected 10 best image viewing software for windows 10.

Best windows image viewer windows 10 in 2019

As I have previously mentioned, there are many windows photo viewer windows 10 on the internet for download. So what makes you decide, what are the best image viewer windows 10 in 2019?

Don’t worry; I have made your work straightforward. I have scrutinised all the “Photo viewer windows 10“. After exploring every point on “Windows 10 photo viewer“, I have found the “10 best image viewer windows 10 in 2019“.

In this outline, I am going to summarise, “best image viewer windows 10“. Also, I will talk, from subtle to egregious things related to windows photo viewer windows 10.

#01 Windows photo viewer

Windows photo viewer

Windows photo viewer is famous most trusted photo viewer software for Windows 10 with over 10 million users.

It is incredibly faster, lightweight, and supports preview image formats like BMP. Jpeg, png, and animated gif files.

The Windows photo viewer was inbuilt as a default photo viewer in Windows 7, which allows display of all pictures in a folder as slideshow images, and we could share memories with our friends and family.

After upgrading to Windows 10, we have got a new photo app, with this we can edit and enhance your images with a couple of clicks.

However, we are addicted to “Windows photo viewer” because it is fast compared to new windows 10 photo viewer app. unfortunately; Microsoft has withdrawn this app in windows 10.

How we can get back Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10

So, how we can get it back in our windows 10, here are some instructions you have to follow

  1. Download the windows photo viewer .exe file
  2. Extract and run “windows photo viewer setup” and enjoy
  3. That’s it.

Price: Free

Download windows photo viewer

#02 IrfanView


IrfanView is windows photo viewer windows 10 allows you to organise, manages and edits your photos collection with your ease. Its developer has made it very useful for us to play video, audio files.

You have the option for image creation and painting capabilities of photos. It is a free-ware photo viewer, but for commercial use requires you have to pay registration fees.

You can view HD photos without lagging and incredibly manages your albums by its lighting fast speed.

It includes grid views and lists your albums in different orders. IrfanView is best known for its small size, fast and ease of use.

The developer has optimised IrfanView for fast image loading and made the ability to view and saving of verity of formats infraction of seconds.

Price: Free

Download IrfanView

#03 HoneyView


HoneyView is one of the best image viewer windows 10 in 2019. It has quickly got popular among the category of windows photo viewer windows 10.

HoneyView will be a reliable option for those who are looking for a basic third-party “image viewer” but full-featured photo viewer software for windows 10.

The program includes significant file formats JPG, PNG, animated GIF, BMP, and PSD to make work a lot easier.

The software is easy to use and resembles Windows Photo viewer in a cool calendar view. Unlike Windows 10, it allows a user to crop and rotate images and perform quality resizing output.

HoneyView can edit images and does perform slideshows from collections of images is a gratifying experience.

It can to edit any types of images by inserting a link to either Photoshop or Windows Paint. Though it is a lightweight program, can open a big DSLR image with ludicrous speed.

Price: Free

Download HoneyView

#04 Picasa


Picasa is very popular among “photo viewer software for windows 10”. It scans all the images from your desktop, set in a manner of timeline photos.

However, you can control its access to your hard drive multimedia by selecting the option “don’t access hard drive multimedia”.

It can read, jpeg, png, gif and also can run mp4 and WMV formats videos smoothly. The best thing is that the Picasa software is completely free which is developed by Google.

It offers easy to crop-cut and modifies images, also can change image colour by its inbuilt filters. However, Google is no longer taking Picasa. However, you can download Picasa latest version from Filehippo.

Download Picasa

#05 Nomacs


Nomacs is a free image viewer and photo organiser for Windows 10 and Mac. The developer is offering the software, free for personal and educational use. You will get almost all the necessary tools to edit photos.

Support all major graphics formats including animated gif, jpeg, TAR, PSD, png, and RAW files.

It is an advanced “Windows 10 photo viewer” and able to fast open, high-quality DSLR cameras photos.

The programs automatically analyse the pictures Incompleteness colour and identify them accurately based on various visual inbuilt AI features.

The Photo viewer offers various features like drag-and-drop, and automatic renumbering, colour space management, a preview of quality loss, metadata-based search, slideshow mode with different transitions effects and many more.

The Nomacs can read photos of ZIP achieve files without open it and also can read MS office documents as well

Price: Free

Download Nomacs

#06 Xnview


The XnView Windows 10 photo viewer is possibly the best “Image viewer” of the lot. The program organises and manages your photos one by one, and edits raster images for general purpose file management.

According to the developer, it supports more than 500 formats, including some vector graphics formats and also has some fantastic features like screen capture, batch renaming, hex inspection and many more.

It is free-ware software, and we can use it for educational and non-profit purposes.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, it stands in front. Xnview has pro-level tools in their free version.

Xnview is one of the most trusted and reliable windows photo viewer windows 10.

Price: Free

Download XnView

#07 ACDSee Ultimate

acdsee ultimate

ACDSee Ultimate is the best-known name in the category of windows photo viewer windows 10 and best image viewer windows 10 in 2019.

ACDSee Ultimate as the name suggests is an ultimate tool but accompanies all the necessary functions.

The program also lets you create transition with subtle effects on photos which make it best in a category of windows photo viewer windows 10 and also does auto adjust pictures to colour.

The software is lightweight and has a user-friendly interface too. It is paid software with 30 days free trial and to access some premium tool purchases is required, and also it does not display any hidden ads.

It offers speed with RAW image editing and makes keywords on images and categories.

There are features like lossless rotation, resize and crop, slideshow, photo editor, judging the image quality, editing metadata options and more.

Price: Paid, 30 days free trial

Download ACDSee Ultimate

#08 Apowersoft Photo Viewer

The Apowersoft photo viewer is also the best image viewer windows 10 in 2019. If you are looking for, multimedia solution for business then this one is for you.

Apowersoft is open source software “photo viewer for windows 10”. Unlike Windows photo viewer, it is fast image viewer and lightweight too.

With Apowersoft, you can filter images, videos, and animated GIFs, using the thumbnail; you can understand details about where your photos were taken from.

The Apowersoft does not show any ads within its interface.

The viewing area is customizable in a different manner according to your comfort; it also allows you to adjust brightness, colors, and contrast of an image.

It also supports more than 30 formats of images.

You can browse the desktop folders, manually navigate images in a grid, and you can create an automatic slideshow using the player and also large images can be seen in full-screen mode.

Price: Free

Download Apowersoft photo viewer


#09 Freshview


Another very lightweight and easy to use user interface “Windows 10 photo viewer“. Freshview gives the power to organise and view images also, a wide range of features and functions offer original edit images.

This fresh view has a powerful image editing tool, which supports image formats including RAW and PSD images. The thumbnail browser allows fast navigate pictures and manually organise your multimedia.

The developer has hard work on upgrading the software features which is entirely free of cost for all. It worked great on Windows XP and performed amazingly good on windows 10 as well.

The user can cut, crop, resize and customise image resolution easily in its easy to use interface.

Price: Free

Download FreshView

#10 FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer, we can say it is an alternate version of “Windows 10 photo viewer” because it can make slides shows of images from a folder and also it is a windows photo viewer windows 10.

Unlike windows photo viewer, it creates a slideshow with many pro transition effects. With this Image Viewer, you can get necessary image editing tools like windows paint.

The program uses the Lanczos resampling algorithm and HQ image thumbnail viewing. Batch operations techniques offer rename and convert a batch of files.

It offers necessary image editing tools where a user can resize, rotate, brightness adjustment, cropping, colour correction, red-eye removal so, you do basic editing your photos with some catchy effects.

Price: Free

Download FastStone image viewer


We have expressed all the windows photo viewer windows 10. As I mentioned earlier, I have scrutinised on every point on “Windows 10 photo viewer” and manifest finalised this list.

Once again, for your ease, we have highlighted the major pivotal point in a comparison table, where you will able to understand everything in the shortcut.

Moreover, you will able to decide which “Photo viewer windows 10” is best according to your need.

RankPhoto ViewerPrizeGood forSupport OSOverall rating
1 Windows photo viewer Free Alternate to windows 10 app "Photo" Windows 10/10
2 IrfanView Free Photo editor Windows 10/9
2 HoneyView Free Image viewer Windows 10/9
4 Picasa Free Image editor and slideshow maker Windows, Mac and Linux 10/9
5 Nomacs Free Image organizer Windows 10/9
6 Xnview Free Image resizer and image converter Windows, Mac, Linux 10/8
7 ACDSee Ultimate Paid, 30 days free trial Creative graphic and photography needs Windows, Mac 10/8
8 Apowersoft Photo Viewer Free Faster image loader Windows 10/8
9 Freshview Free Graphics converter Windows 10/8
10 FastStone Image Viewer Free Screen capture and image viewer Windows 10/8

Now I think you have the clarity in choosing the “best image viewer windows 10 in 2019“.


After a detailed discussion on best image viewer windows 10 in 2019, now, we are here at the conclusion.

As I told earlier, our windows photo viewer software has been replaced by Windows 10, simultaneously, the demand for alternative image viewer also increases.

Further, I have also discussed, there are a many windows photo viewer windows 10.

In our discussion, we have mentioned every key point in details. I have also provided “10 best image viewer software for Windows 10” so that you can easily make a perfect decision.

If you are a fan of old windows image viewer, then my suggestion to you is that you should try downloading “windows photo viewer windows 10“, which is free to download.

If you wish to stay with it, then you may go for other photo viewers who are mentioned in this post.

So, who is the best image viewer Windows 10 in 2019 in your opinion? Comment below and let me know your feedback.

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Top 10 free download manager extension for chrome in 2019

Free download manager chrome: You might be downloading videos or files using IDM. But, it is paid software. Got some important videos or files? Wants to save in your PC, but you are unable to download because of some restriction has made on web pages, right! You might be a primary user in chrome. But, let me tell you there is some extension called download manager chrome which offers download from any kind of web pages including Mp4, mp3, pdf, docs and many kinds of formats. So, without losing a fraction of second here is the list of Top 10 free download manager extension for chrome in 2019.

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Top 10 free chrome download manager extension for chrome in 2019

#1. Download manager

A download manager is the latest extension for chrome by Madapps. This extension brings incremental upgrades to redefine the download experience of yours. It will soon hit the best download manager for chrome with the verity of downloadable formats. This chrome downloads manager extension your download assistance that can smartly manage your downloading after your download files.

The chrome download manager can pause and play your downloads and the user can understand minutes and percentage left to finish your download files.

#2. DownloadAll

The chrome download manager extension stands out from the rest because of its power to download. The DownloadAll boast of downloadable formats and next to free and elegant download manager.

It is easy to navigate the downloads from the various control options and to choose what format to download.
For this chrome download manager extension, you don’t need to purchase any other paid extension because a user can able to download multiple files at once in high speed.

#3. Instagram Video Downloader

Do you love Instagram? of course too! so, you definitely like Instagram videos and obviously, you want to download them in your desktop. Now, the Instagram Video Downloader extension has all the option to sort out your trouble. Instagram video Downloader is a free video downloading tool.
With this extension, you can download Instagram videos automatically and manually in your desktop. But, for this, You just need to add your video links in “add download section” and then, everything will be done automatically.

download manager chrome

#4. Video Downloader For FaceBook

Video Downloader for FaceBook is another Video Downloader extension for your chrome browser. This particular free download manager chrome lets you download on facebook videos and music! Each download is faster which depends upon your internet connection.

The extension is free to download, Facebook offers HD AND SD Quality download! With this download manager chrome, you can select which quality you want to download HD or SD. Not only Facebook, but you will also able to download your videos from other video promotion websites.

#5. Download Master

The Download Master is an entirely different kind of download manager for chrome than the ones mentioned above.

You don’t need to add links manually for download, this download manager chrome has the ability to download all kind of file linked on the web page.

Though it is a free download manager chrome but has the ability to download all images, music, videos, and any other file linked on the page.

#6. Chrono Download Manager

Looking for an effective and easy way to “video download manager for chrome“? Then Chrono Download Manager get you going.

The tightly integrated with the context menu and toolbar is full of surprises and your download manages in a tab rather than a separate browser window.

With this ‘download manager chrome’ extension you can able to view download in such a way that your downloads will be set on download popup list.

#7. All Video Downloader Professional

In the All Video Downloader Professional, you can download different types of video resolution on a single webpage.

Simply click is required to download video, the download button is on the tab and the video file is saved directly to your computer, depends on internet connection!

This chrome download manager extension is a quiet time saver and can reduce your hard work by switching between sites to download videos, mp3, and docs.

#8. Free Download Manager

Another very advance downloads manager out there to download for free. It has the ability to replace IDM, because, this ‘free download manager chrome’ has all the option to download any files from websites and also has the ability to play and pause the download.

With this download manager chrome, the user has the option to for parallel download which means your download will not going to the cancel even if the networks disconnect or the IP address changes.

The download speed is viewable, which means you can measure if any fluctuation of download speed. The chrome download manager extension supports many different languages and also supports formats starting from the torrent files to ZIP, RAR, Mp3, Mp4, and many others.

#9. Download Vimeo Videos, Premium

Almost every video download manager for chrome involve YouTube video downloading, but the Video Downloader Pro is a great video downloading helper around the track its focus.

It’s clean and simple too: the user interface is beautifully designed to make downloading fun. This extension is built only for download Vimeo Videos from any web pages, whether, it is any kind of resolution it never fails to download. My suggestion is and starts downloading Vimeo videos with this “chrome download manager extension“.

#10. Flash Video Downloader

Flash video downloader offers to download any types of flash videos from any web pages. Some web pages have the restrictions that don’t allow to download videos, but, with extension, its kick out the restriction and makes video downloadable for you at the faster speed. It offers the download in just one click with no special skills needed. With this extension, you can download HD videos.

There are many download manager for chrome out there but we have selected on “top 10 free download manager extension for chrome in 2019 ” because they are popular among the developer does a perfect job as a chrome download manager extension. Hope, guys you have enjoyed reading Best free download manager chrome in 2019. Find this article knowledgeable; do share with your loved one. Which video download manager for chrome is best from your point of view? Leave your valuable comment below thank you.

How to password protect a folder in windows 10: A to Z guide

How to password protect a folder: Sometimes our computer is shared with family and office and we want to keep our important files from unwanted eyes. It becomes important to password protect a folder Yes, there are also some alternatives to encrypt files.

We know Password protect folder can give better security. If you want to know How to put a password on folder windows 10, then, this article is for you because in this post we cover A to Z about  “How to password protect a folder”.

Windows 10 doesn’t have the option to put a password on the folder. Don’t worry! Today, in this post I will guide you complete step by step process How to put password on a folder windows 10.

Here, we go with the 5 possible ways on how to password protect a folder in windows 10

#1. Password protect a folder using a .bat file

An easy way to create a Password protect a folder using a .bat file. I have used this trick and it works perfectly.

Before writing this article I have shared this technique with friends and they had made Password protect a folder in just one minute, I believe they followed the instructions perfectly.

If you are looking for How to password protect a folder in windows 10, without any third party program. Then, follow the steps one by one. Today, in this folder you will learn How to put a password on a folder using .BAT file.

  1. Select the folder which you want to  put a password on a folder
  2. Then, we will create a .text file. No matter, you can give any name you want of this file.password protect in windows
  3. Now, open the .text file by double click on it and paste some software codes on it.
  4. Download folder locker codes
  5. A keyboard shortcut ctrl+f, search for the →”if NOT %pass%==Your-Password-Here” look at the →”Your-Password-Here“. Now, delete this code and give →’password’.
  6. Important! You have to convert this →.text file into a→ .bat file. Now, save the →.text file as a →.bat file.Password protection folder codes
  7. “Double-click” on the batch file, where you will see automatically a folder with name ‘locker’ has been created.
  8. Put anything you want in the ‘Locker’ folder.
    Folder locker
  9.  Again come back to the →.bat file, now, →double-click on it and you see a prompt window has opened, now, it will ask you ” Are you sure want to lock the folder(Y/N)”. Now you have two option here →’Y’ for ‘Yes’ and ‘N’ for ‘No’. Now type key ‘Y’ for ‘Yes and then, press →’Enter’.
    Hola! your folder has locked with a password and also been hide.Folder password software

Friends, you have understood how to lock folder with password. Now, what to do if you want to open the folder. Lets, understand this

  1. Here, come back to the →.BAT file, →double-click on it, now, the system will ask you for a password.
  2. Now, put your password and press →’Enter’. Immediately, your folder will be visible to you.folder password protection windows

Hola! You have successfully opened the folder.

# 2. Create a password protected a folder using Winrar in Windows 10, 8 and 7

Winrar is the most powerful program to compress and encrypt a folder. Winrar is available in free and paid version, where free version has all the option to create a password-protected folder.

Moreover, you have many advantages, you can send the encrypted folder through email or other sources. But, there are some conditions you have to understand first.

Well, how we can do this? First, you have to convert your folder into the a.RAR file. Read the guideline step by step to create password protect a folder.

  1. Right-Click on the folder, there will be a drop-down menu, on the menu you have to click →”Add to archive“.
  2.  Now, you will see a window has popped up, on the navigation menu click on the →”Advanced” Tab.
  3. There will be an option to →”set password“, click on it to →”enter password“.Password protect folder using winrar, Folder lock, encrypt folder
  4. Hit →”Ok” on both the windows

Now, you have successfully put a password in the folder using WinRAR

#3. Encrypt files and lock a folder using administrator setting in Windows 10

Another very unique way to secure folder using some administrator settings. I have tested this trick on my PC, gotten very surprised after seeing the result.

The result is, no one can open the folder or delete it, shocked! Yes, you can surprise other. Additionally, while accessing the folder, the system does not allow to open or delete the folder. Prey will think it is an infected folder and he will leave.

This trick is important for those whose PC is shared and wants to keep an important folder secure from preyed eyes. I will say this trick is amazing and funny too makes secure a folder without any software. Read the guideline to understand the complete procedure of How to encrypt files in step by step.

  1. First, put important files into a folder, which you want to lock.
  2. Right-click on a folder, go to the →properties. There will be a window pop up.Encrypt windows
  3. Go to →’security’, then, single-click on →’Administrator’, then again click on- →’Edit’. Then, again single-click on→ ‘Administrator’.folder locker settings
  4. Here, on the table of →’Permissions for administrators’, click on all the →small boxes under →’Deny’.
  5. A window will pop-up, asking for permission, Now, hit on → ‘continue’ until the process is complete.lock folder windows
  6. Now, Hit →’Apply’ then →’OK’.

Hola! You have successfully locked the folder. Now, nobody can access or delete the folder. To open or access the locked folder, you have to follow the step

  1. Again, come the →’folder properties’ check the →’Security option’, then click on →’Administrators’.
  2. Change permission by →’Edit’, then, again come to →’Administrator’.
  3. Now, untick mark all the →’Deny boxes’. Now →’apply’ the setting and hit on →’Ok’.
  4. Now, you can see, your folder is accessible.

#4. Encrypt  content or folder to secure your data in Windows 10

Windows 10 Pro offers basic protection to secure data. Assume that you have a shared PC in your family or office and you have some important files which you don’t want to transfer files to another computer. Here, Windows came into play.

Suppose your document someone has copied to another computer, prey trying to access your content. Now the system will ask for a password. If you want to encrypt your folder, then read following these steps below:

  1. Select either files-folder you want to encrypt.
  2. Right-click on the file or folder and select →“Properties” from the drop-down contextual menu.Encrypt files windows
  3. Now, At the General tab, Click on the Advanced button.
  4. Tick mark on the box for the →”Encrypt contents to secure data” then single click on →’OK’ and again click on →’Apply changes to this folder’ windows.Encrypt content to secure data in windows10

#5. Hide the folder in Windows 10

Hide the folder” method work perfectly in long-term to protect the data from the unsuspected eyes. Windows 10 OS has a shortcut option to hide a folder where no one can able to see your folder. That’s unsecured! But, works well on primary windows users around you.

  1. Go to →Control panel, click on ‘Categories’ → select ‘Small icons’.Folder hide windows 10
  2. Click on ‘File explorer option’→ on the navigation Tab click on → ‘view’.hide folder, hide files, hide documents
  3. Now, select ‘Don’t show hidden files, folders or drives’
  4. Select the folders you want to hide from prayed eyes
  5. Right-click. from the drop-down menu choose the →properties.
  6. On the navigation menu, click the → General tab
  7. Click the checkbox (Tick mark) on the →Hidden in the Attributes section.Hide folder windows 7
  8. Click on →Apply’ to hide the folder.

Hope this article serves you purpose with what you were looking for. We have discussed 5 best possible ways on “How to password protect a folder in windows 10“. But, if you know any other tricks then let us know and we will share it with everyone through our website. I believe this trick has helped you a lot if you find this article is helpful for your loved ones, don’t forget to share.

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How to get organically YouTube channel 10000 views fast

How to get organically YouTube channel 10000 views fast: YouTube has changed YouTube monetization policy, and now it’s time to manage channel according to new Youtube rules. Most often people get started with Youtube to make money, but, we come across many such friends who cannot get first 10k views for an initial boost on Youtube channel and it is such a pity to say that they leave this track getting disappointed. I have looked for it many times and then came to know that it is not a big deal to obtain YouTube 10k views in a channel. All you have to do is that, follow these few procedures. If you are thinking how to get organically 10000 views fast then, yes, you have landed on the appropriate website, I say that with pride. Today, I will show you the best possible techniques that would help you to get the Youtube channel first 10000 views fast.

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Best methods to get YouTube Channel 10000 views fast

Display your videos in the recommended list

YouTube channel organic 10K views

Yes, friends, it is very important to get your videos featured on the recommended list, only then your videos would get more and more views. For that, it is very important for you to know yourself, what you are much enthusiastic at. So, to start with, first you upload 10 to 15 videos at one time, along with that the content of the videos have to be explained very well, and also add the annotation to your end screen. The more you add an annotation to your videos, the more your videos will get featured on the recommended list.

Share your YouTube videos on Reddit

Reddit helps 1000 views youtube channel

If you share your Youtube videos links in Reddit, then, you will get so many views that you would remain astonished. But friends it’s not that easy to come to this level. If the contents of your videos are very good and you share them in Reddit, then you would get so many views that within 1 hour you may get YouTube 1000 views and it is assured.

Make a Facebook fan page

Facebook fan page helps youtube channel fast 1000 views

It is very important to have a Facebook page for your YouTube channel to grow. So make a facebook page of your own and then share your YouTube videos on it. Now, the most important thing to do is that share your YouTube videos on other pages which are in search of those videos whose contents are exactly the same as that of your videos and eventually your videos would get a nice promotion as well as more views, which falls Youtube monetization policy friendly according to Youtube monetization rules.

Create an account in Google Plus

Another important task is to make an account in Google plus. Like Facebook, here also you will get many other groups as per your video content, so,  you are just to share your YouTube videos in those appropriate groups and get more and more views.

Share link in UC publisher

first 1000 views youtube channel using UC share

UC Company assists you to earn a handful of money if you publish a good news. Well, I will discuss in another post how to make money in UC Publisher, but, for the time being, you just keep in mind that in UC publisher you can share your YouTube videos on that particular page. In that case, your post along with your YouTube videos would get favorable views and this method also works Youtube rules.


In a way, I hope that I could suggest you good and powerful ideas that would fetch you “How to get Youtube channel 10000 views fast”. If you loved my post then, please share it more and more and please visit my website again. I will come to you with more helpful posts, bye-bye. See you next time.

15 Best Asphalt 8 Airborne alternatives for Android You Should Play

Asphalt 8 Airborne alternatives: Racing Games sets proper in every gaming console, people of all ages are crazy about racing games, without any doubt about it! Many gaming companies are eager to move racing games to a new level because today’s demand has gone up too much. Asphalt 8 is one of the most popular racing games for Android out there. I wish you have been completed all levels of Asphalt 8. Now you are bored! Looking for Asphalt 8 Airborne alternatives.  Before that, you might think! What could be the Asphalt 8 similar games? Here is the answer, it falls into a category that you can play HD racing games on your android phone without using Internet data and also they are Asphalt 8 Airborne alternatives.  We have seen many racing games in playstore, has bad gaming as well as graphics experience, its suck! We people love to play games whose gaming review is more than 4.5 star in Playstore, also the gaming experience is similar to Asphalt 8. So, without wasting a fraction of second, here is the list of 15 best Asphalt 8  alternatives for the android phone you should play.

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Asphalt 8 Airborne Alternatives 2018

Real racing 3

Asphalt 8 airborne alternatives real racing 3

Real Racing 3 Game is an excellent racing game for Android and also it can be downloaded from the playstore for free. The gameplay experience is unique in a low configuration device. It has been created by Electronics Arts Company which is very popular in the world of gaming entertainment. The challenges of each level are unequaled and unbeatable that will put your gaming entertainment on top. Amazing verity includes 9 real-world racetracks, a fantastic 22-car grid, and also has the collection of 229 licensed cars from the 33 top brands sports car manufacturers. Unlike in the Asphalt 8 Airborne, players are required to upgrade their vehicles parts, requiring in-game awards cash. You can also get the user experience review of it on the play store, we have also checked the rating and found that it has got amazing 4.1 rating out of 5. We can play it offline and doesn’t suck internet data.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 8 airborne alternatives Asphalt 9 legend

It is no doubt! Asphalt 9: legends can do taste of best offline racing game for free. The special thing you will get it free from google play store and also there is no advertising in it and no money can be paid. But, in a special case, if you want to upgrade the car with highly specified, and then you can buy it with a credit card and google gift card. With every level crossing you will be awarded money+coin+ticket as your winning prize, and also you can later spend those award cash to upgrade the next level, that’s nice! Gameloft has made Asphalt 9: Legends and it can be played offline with internet barrier and it could be best Asphalt 8 Airborne alternatives out there.

Need for Speed No Limits

Asphalt 8 alternatives Need for Speed No Limits

Have you played NFS on your computer? If yes then you are getting such great graphics experience in this game and that too on your simple Android phone. Electronic Arts launches high-end graphics offline games every year but in this game, they have made a little decent change, keeping in search of EA subscriber. Every level is filled with crazy action, heat up the tire, racing challenge with police and the good part is you can experience tremendous racing in offline. It comes with good graphics quality and great UI interface which is Asphalt 8 Airborne similar. In all probability, we can say you are getting a quality offline racing game for android phone.

Beach Buggy Racing

Asphalt 8 alternatives Beach Buggy Racing

As you hear the Beach Buggy name, you can guess that it is going to be a very nice entertainment game. For a marathon, you have the freedom to select your favorite driver, as you complete the challenge, you will be awarded cash along with many surprise boosters. Though the game size is small, the graphics are superior quality as same as Asphalt 8 Airborne. It has got much popularity due to the unique gaming story and receives an average rating of 4.5 from gamers. In this game, you will find the rough roads which will obstruct you to compete for the levels. During gameplay, you will find shortcut tunnel, this will help you to save some seconds and which also ultimately helps you to beat your competitor, only by this trick you can dust your competitor. You will be more entertaining as you go deeper into the game. You can take lots of funny tools that helps you defeat your competitor. Beach buggy racing is definitely Asphalt 8 Airborne alternative.

Hot Wheels: Race Off

Asphalt 8 airborne alternatives Hot Wheels Race Off

Have you played with hot wheels in childhood? Do you know Hot Wheels: Race Off game is still making its identity in Android Phones? Challenge of this game is very unique, in this game you will be able to complete the full challenges of hot wheels just by your little knowledge of Hot wheels driving, Each road is Zigzag, which puts you trouble to save time. At each level you will be given a unique challenge,  after crossing every level you will be rewarded with the prizes and you upgrade your vehicle with your winning prize cash which is similar to Asphalt 8 Airborne.

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted

Asphalt 8 airborne alternatives Need for Speed Most Wanted

You will not get this game for free, you will have to spend a few dollars, but you can be sure that gaming quality is much better than its price. The level you go further, you can unlock many cars and you can also buy by a virtual currency which is similar to Asphalt 8 Airborne. We have in previous NFS game, the police used to stop the other drivers, but this time it slightly shows different, the police will stop you rather than the other drivers. The more time you play, controlling the cars will come under your grip. Though the story is not unique from the previous NFS most wanted but the game’s popularity is increasing day by day by his gaming quality.

CSR racing

Asphalt 8 airborne alternatives CSR racing

CSR racing is considered a best offline racing game of android, it’s much Asphalt 8 Airborne similar, and the features seem to be this game is a duplicate version of Asphalt 8 Airborne or its alternative. In CSR racing, you will see a lot of big brands licensed powerful sports cars. The specialty of the CRS racing is that it has got a unique story, praiseworthy gaming mode as well as a user-friendly interface and as you go further to the level you will find the game is going to be easy to handle. Amazing knockout stages, competitive driver bump, and many amazing things will be visible to you. Compete in multiplayer; you can play this game online with your friends. At each level, you can upgrade your car’s engine and control features and exciting gameplay make it one the best offline racing game for android.

GT Racing 2

Asphalt 8 airborne alternatives GT Racing 2

The popularity of GT racing 2 is being increased day by day; its graphics quality is as super amazing as the gesture of glory. GT Racing 2 has kept its fame to bring an Amazing Quality of gaming experience. In this game, almost there is 67 Sports car are available, you can upgrade the car model according to the level difficulties. On the race track, you can adjust camera angle according to your comfort. Multiplayer, Knockout stages, time loop, and lots of Amazing features are available. Considering the overall features, GT racing 2 could be alternatives to Asphalt 8 Airborne. GT racing 2 bring new updates every year, and they are always trying to get something new that people get interested in.

Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

Asphalt 8 airborne alternatives Asphalt Xtreme

It’s the forefront of the off-road racing games in Android. Amazing 50+ Monster Machines, Unlimited Customization, daily track updates, every day new challenges updated and many unique features are available. Though the game is heavy, Asphalt extreme runs on the low configuration mobile phone, without any lagging issue. Asphalt extreme will give you best off-road driving experience on high-end HD graphics which is Asphalt 8 Airborne Similar. The locations are also super amazing. The handling of the monster vehicles gives the super smooth performance and offers more comfort. Its best review you can see in the Play Store, it has got many positive comments from the gamer.  Considering the overall rating from the gamers, it’s no hesitation to say that it is a quality racing game out there that we can enjoy the gameplay offline.

Table Top Racing

Asphalt 8 airborne similar game Table top racing

We can say one of the funniest tiny car racing game that is available offline. The track is set on the table; racetracks has similar features of Asphalt 8 Airborne. During gameplay, we can pick a booster at every turn as you move forward towards the race track. All the tiny cars are very cute! You can customize the tiny cars according to your choice and also you will need to upgrade the engine as much as your level is hard, which is looking same as Asphalt 8 Airborne. You can get digital coin as you win a race and you can buy a new car by spending those coins or buy from digital currency.

City Racing 3D

Asphalt 8 similar game City Racing 3D

Another offline android racing game is City racing 3D. This game offers lots of amazing boosters, which you can apply on the race tracks. Racetracks are spreads in worldwide, controlling for this game is super smooth. Every car looks of original brands, real tracks are set and real traffic racing with amazing drift stunt. The cars are super easy to control and there are many car selections you can choose for racing. With multiplayer mood, you can play with your loved ones. Global rally tour offers race around the world. There are many racing moods which Includes Career, Elimination Tournament, Time Trial, knock out and many more. Looking at the all the features, we can say City Racing 3D could be the ‘Asphalt 8 Airborne alternatives’.

Horizon chase

Asphalt 8 similar game Horizon chase

If you are the big fan of 16-bit graphics racing game, then Horizon chase game is just for you. The Horizon chase game has won many awards for his excellence gaming experience. In this game, you will able to race around the world. After completing a level, the system automatically unlocks another level. At every level, you can drive cars in one of the best beautiful cities around the world. The funny thing about this game is that you will overtake all the cars and you’re going ahead to push every single car. The more you go ahead the game will be as interesting and the best part is gamers can enjoy it offline on android phone.

F1 2006

Asphalt 8 similar game F1 2006

F1 in android phone gives you ultimate F1 experience on your small screen android devices. In this game, you will see every F1 racing star as your driver and their sponsoring brand on the F1 model. All the F1 car models are super sexy; every F1 car features and design is “Asphalt 8 Airborne similar“. The rich graphics quality gives you every detail on the path. The handling of cars is very smooth, though you can choose your favorite starts during the game though; but the player will pilot the F1 model by his driving skill. But, for this F1 action on your android phones, you have to pay some Dollars for install after that you can enjoy the gameplay in offline.

Nitro Nation Drag Racing

Asphalt 8 Similar game Nitro Nation Drag Racing

Another Asphalt 8 Airborne alternatives for android phone is Nitro Nation Drag Racing. It offers amazing racing action along with the stunning animation. It has got 4.5 rating scorecard from Google play, now you imagine, how pleasurable the game would be? If you wish to play online, then you can trade parts with your friends and community.

Racing Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour game is available on Google play for free. It offers unique challenges at every level and provides amazing visuals and animations. Unbelievable thrilling on the gameplay such as overtake traffic, career missions, time trial, upgrade parts and many more where everything is Asphalt 8 Airborne similar and also could be the Asphalt 8 Airborne alternatives. A good key feature is no fuel and time limit which has given a positive standard. While playing the game offline it does give any disturbance, it is good for who wants to play offline.


Every game mentioned in this post has been tested by GeekyHow staff, and it was found all games are could be the “Asphalt 8 airborne alternatives“. Some games are either free or required for the app purchase. However, all games animations are superior quality and unique gaming story. Did we miss anything and what racing game is your favorite Asphalt 8 airborne alternatives? Do let us know in the comment section.

4 possible ways to take screenshot in windows 10 easily

Welcome to another Windows 10 Tutorials, In this tutorials, we are going to learn how to take the screenshot with new and updated windows 10 easily with some advanced screenshot taking features and we’ll also learn about its shortcuts keys information so that we can take screenshot easily at windows 10. So let’s get started with How to take the screenshot at windows 10 easily.

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1. Take desktop Screenshot in Windows 10 using Sniping Tools

Sniping Tool for windows 10 screenshot

-Go to Start and Search For Snipping Tools. Open it.
-Click on “New” button and Drag mouse to the area where you want to take a screenshot.
-To take a screenshot in little delay. Open Sniping tools at Windows 10.
-Click on the Delay button.

-Select Time.
Now you are Ready To take a screenshot in Windows 10 With Windows snipping Tools.
-Use Brush, pencil option to edit Screenshot.

2. VLC screenshot taker for Windows 10

VLC screenshot taker for windows 10

VLC is widely used as a media player, and it is also a good screenshot taker in Windows 10. If you want to take a screenshot of a video then VLC player is for you. With only one click you can take high-quality screen in .PNG format. To do this you have to follow the following steps given below.

-Play the video you want to take the screenshot.

-Pause the frame, then go to the menu click on the video. A list of the tool will appear.

-Now, click on the ‘Take screenshot’ to take the screen.

Hola! you have successfully taken the screenshot in Windows 10.

3. Awesome screenshot: Take the screenshot of a browser in Windows 10

Awesome screenshot taker for windows 10

If you want to take browser screenshot in windows 10, then ‘Awesome screenshot’ is best for you. You can take a screenshot any size you want, that’s cool! It has inbuilt elements which you can implement on your screenshot. With this program, you can take a youtube video screenshot also. Read the guideline to take a screenshot in Windows 10.

-Download the ‘Awesome screenshot‘ into your browser Chrome/Mozilla.

-Here are the different options are available to capture a screenshot. ex- visible part of the page, Capture selected area, capture the entire page and capture the desktop.

Hola! You have successfully taken browser screenshot in Windows 10.

4. Lightshot- desktop screenshot taker for Windows 10

Windows 10 desktop screenshot taker

Another very popular screenshot taker for windows and Mac is Lightshot. This program provides a faster way to capture a screenshot by pressing on key ‘Print Screen’. Lightshot can capture any size of an image you want and convert it to high-quality PNG format.

You can download Lightshot from its official website

Hola! You have successfully taken the desktop screenshot in Windows 10.


Hope! Guys, you got everything about ‘How to take a screenshot in windows 10’. If you find this article helpful please share it with your loved one, so, other can be benefited. Thank you

How to Root Samsung Galaxy J4+, j6+ and A7 Easily under 5 minutes

Samsung Galaxy J4, J6+ and A7 are the most recent and advanced Technology Smartphones from Samsung. If you root Samsung phones, you might be able to the outcome from various limitation. Samsung devices unrooted! you might remain certain limitations. People root devices to access to install all types of apps, save battery life, RAM occupy less space and many more. So if you also wish to flash ROM( Internal Storage), you may wish to root Samsung Galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7 Exynos. But rooting any Samsung device will void your warranty period or sometimes rooting your smartphone can freeze your devices so please root your devices at your own risk. You’re here, so you are looking for How to Root Samsung Galaxy J4+, j6+, and A7 Easily, right? Don’t worry, this article is going to guide you step by step methods to root Root Samsung Galaxy J4+, j6+, and A7 Exynos easily.

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Cons of rooting Samsung Galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7

1. Rooting Samsung Samsung Galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7 devices will void warranty period.
2. Sometimes rooting your smartphone can freeze your devices.
3. If you are a primary learner, you may destroy your device OS.
4. You may lose the security of your devices.
5. You will not be able to use the Samsung feature.
6. You will not get any future Samsung OS update.

Why you should root Samsung Galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7

There is lots of benefit of rooting android Phones
1. Rooting Samsung device will unlock Hidden features and you can install Incompatible Apps.
2. Boost your phone speed and battery life
3. The device RAM will use less space.
4. You can block Ads in almost any apps.
5. You can schedule automatic backup or you can back up your Android phone anytime you want

We can use the exactly the same method to Root Both Samsung Galaxy J4+ and Samsung Galaxy J6+. This process will not wipe or delete your data so it is completely easy to use. But I recommend you to back up your important files and contact first.

Important Instructions: Before rooting Samsung Galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7

Here. are some important instructions you should follow before rooting your Samsung Galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7.
1. Your device should be charged up to 80%.
2. Unlock the bootloader of your phone.
3. Make sure you have a complete backup of your files.

Step by Step Guide to root Samsung galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7 devices without a Computer

Follow the following steps given below to completely root Samsung galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7 devices without a Computer.

Here we are going to use Rooting software called SuperSU to root our Samsung galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7 devices.
So please go to this link search for your Device model number version and Download and Install SuperSU.
STEP – 1
Go to Settings > Developer options (if you don’t see Developer options then go to about device > Tap Build Number about 7/8 time until it says developer mode is enabled). Now Go back to developer Mode and Enable it. Also, Enable USB Debugging (Click ok if prompt). Now Turn off Your Device.
Step – 2
(Make sure Your Phone is connected with your PC)
Now Connect Your Devices with Computer Using USB cable. Now Copy SuperSu File Anywhere in your hard drive your phone internal/SDcard.

After Switching off Phone we have to go to download mode by pressing HOME + Volume Down + LOCK Button Together until your phone wakes up with a blue screen. Now Press Volume up Key so that we can root our device

Root Samsung Galaxy
A list of the menu will appear, now, hit on the install button. Now, you will see your phone internal storage folders. Warning! Don’t hit on any folder.
Step- 5

Root Samsung J4+

Now, Click on the ‘Select Storage’, a window will pop up. Chose the ‘storage option’ wherever you have copied SuperSU and select OK.
Step – 6

Samsung Galaxy J6+ rootClick on ‘Update SuperSU’, then, ‘Swipe to confirm flash’.
Step -7

Root Samsung Galaxy A7
Now, Wait until the process is complete. After this, click on ‘Reboot the System’
Step – 8
After this, it will tell you to install some third-party applications as a phone ‘system app’. Don’t install them! Now hit on the ‘Don’t install’ to continue to reboot your device.
Step – 9
Now your Phone will restart. Wait till your Phones fully wake up. Wait Till the home screen appears.

Samsung Galaxy J4+, J6+ and A7 rooted successfully
Step – 10
Go to Play store and Download & install #Root Checker Application. Check if your Phone is rooted or Not.
Hola! Your Samsung Galaxy J4+ Rooted successfully.
Hola! Your Samsung Galaxy J6+Rooted successfully.
Hola! Your Samsung Galaxy A7 Rooted successfully.


Hope you guys, you have understood everything about the How to Root Samsung Galaxy J4+How to Root Samsung Galaxyj6+ and How to Root Samsung Galaxy A7 easily without a computer. Hope guys! You have successfully rooted your devices. If you found this article helpful, then it will be so good if you share it on facebook, twitter and Pinterest. And also guys, please put your valuable comment below, thank you.

How to Hide Folder, Pictures and videos on any android smartphone under 10 sec

So, you are looking for How to Hide Files From Any Android Smartphone. In this post, we are going to learn How to hide any Kinds of Stuff like Music, Movies, Photos and almost any Files/folder from your Android phone so that nobody can access it without any software. You can Hide Photos from the gallery, Music from the Music player. You can completely hide Folder from your files manager. All you have to do is follow given instruction below on How to Hide Folder, Pictures, and videos on any Android smartphone.

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Camtasia Studio alternatives 

How to hide Folders from Files managers on any Android phone

Android is a Linux based operating system, we can hide any folder by renaming it. First of all, we are going to learn.

hide Folders android phones

  1. Go to Files Managers / My files for Samsung devices.
  2. Select any Folder that you want to hide from your phone.
  3. Go to Folder options and rename it. And put “.” Before file name (example if the folder name is ‘Notes’ rename it to ‘.Notes’. Instantly the Folder will be hidden from the file manager.

Hola! You have successfully hide the folder on android phones

How to hide Videos from Files managers on any Android phone

hide Videos android phones

  1. Just like that if you want to hide movies or videos from videos gallery first of all note the folder where that video is located.
  2. Go to file manager/my files & rename that folder with “.” Before file name. That videos will instantly hidden form videos gallery.

Hola! You have successfully hide the videos on android phones

How to hide pictures on any Android phone gallery

hide pictures on android phones

Repeat the same process to hide photos, and music from Gallery, music player or from the file manager.

Hola! You have successfully hide the pictures on android phones

How to show hidden items in the files Manager

To get back hidden files go to files Manager, click on option buttons (in an older version of Android) or Click on options menu at the right top. Go to setting and Check Show Hidden Files option. Now, rename the folder & Remove “.” From folder name. Your files will be visible to everyone.


I hope these tutorials help you to understand How to hide and show Folder, Pictures, and videos in Android smartphones without any app. Let us know what you think about this tricks. If you have any query, the suggestion about this tricks, Feel free to use comment options at the bottom of this post.


Download free Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 official offline installer links

Cisco officially launched the updated version of network simulator Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2. Now, you can download the official Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 from the high-security server (official Cisco Academy) without any network failure, even, a user could resume and pause the download. It is now available on the offline installer, so, now, it is very easy to download it, and just a single click is required to directly Download program. For your ease, we will guide you how you can easily download the official offline Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 from the direct links.

[Must Know] Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 system requirement

The latest version of Cisco Packet Tracer is now available in Windows 10, 8, and 7 on 32 bit and 64 bit. In Linux, it is available on 64bit.

  1. Minimum screen resolution should be 1024 x 768.
  2. Performs well on core i7,i5,i3, Pentium D and Core2duo
  3. 4GB RAM is required. However, shows decent performance on 2GB RAM.
  4. You must have a sound card in your PC.

[High-Speed] Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 by internet download manager

 Download Cisco pocket tracer 7.2 by internet downloading manager

As we know very well, the internet download manager is widely used to download files and other kinds of stuff. I am suggesting you download program by internet download manager because it offers high-speed download and able to use your network speed completely.

Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 by Mozilla Firefox or Chrome

Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7 by browser

If you don’t have an internet downloading manager, then, here, is an alternate to download by browsers like Mozilla or Chrome. Same as IDM, here you have the option to play-pause the download. It never cancels the download, even if IP address changes.

Why Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2?

Want to have a career in networking? So, the “Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2” is here for you to improve your skills in networking.

  1. Training for CCNA TM and CCNP certification exam.
  2. Design the network virtually.
  3. Design the network practically.
  4. Experiment with network behavior.
  5. Sharpens your skills in ‘networking configuration’ from your Desktop/Smartphone.
  6. Enhance your networking skills for a perfect job interview.
  7. [Private tutor] Execute your daily practice on what you learn in networking courses.
  8. Quickly monitor real-life dynamic data transfers.

What’re new features in Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2?

The updated Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 has undergone complete engineering which fixed various bugs that were seen in versions 6, 7, and 7.1.1. Officially said, there are some new features in version 7.2 of Packet Tracer. Just highlighting a few of its important features below:

  1. Easy! The project can be saved in a .pkg format.
  2. Supports the MQTT protocol.
  3. It helps to Configure and troubleshoot a network.
  4. It will help you in decision making, creative and critical thinking, and your partner on problem-solving.
  5. Users can add tables and rack in a fraction of seconds.
  6. Multi-user collaboration helps to brush up your skills.
  7. Real WebSocket.
  8. ASA 5506 firewall.
  9. Meraki security appliance and server.
  10. Real TCP server.

Starting guide to Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2

Step 1- Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 from the links given below

Step 2- Double-click on ‘pockettracer72’ to extract the file

Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 extract

Step 3- Click on ‘I accept the agreement’ then continue to click on ‘next’ until it finishes.

Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 interface

Step 4- Click on the ‘install’ and wait until it finishes.

Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 install

Step 5- Installation is over! Now, it is ready to ‘launch’. Click on finish to launch the software.

Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 launch

Step 6- Now, one ‘Cisco networking Academy Log in‘ window will pop up. If you don’t have an account, don’t worry! You can start working as a guest login. However, it would be better if you create an account in it. Very easy to make.

Cisco networking academy log in

Step 7 –  Click on ‘Allow access’ to use your ‘Private Network’.

Allow CPT through window firewall

Step 8 – Now, You can access all the tools. Here, everything is ready to serve you.

Cisco pocket tracer menu structure

Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 secure offline official download links

Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 for Windows 32-bit   (184MB)

Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 for Windows 64-bit   (199MB)

Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 for Linux 64-bit        (299MB)

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